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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  April 18, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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the street at the linda mar store, we saw radio shack and a store shoe close down temporarily. we also saw lights come back on at 4:52. residents describe what they felt. >> i was actually watching television and i was starting to get up when the boom hit. it knocked me back over on the sofa. i went to check on my son to see if he was okay. he was out in the garage. i said what was -- he said what was that? i said, it was an earthquake. >> i was sitting in the garage playing video games and it just hit and the garage went wobbling back and forth and the chair i was in almost toppled over. >> i felt like the building i was in was going off the foundation. >> reporter: how long did it last? >> a few seconds. >> reporter: back here live, nobody said they have any damage and nothing fell off the
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store shelves. back to you. >> meantime, san francisco state university has cancelled its late afternoon and nighttime classes cue to -- due to a power outage on the main campus. the power outage is not connected to the earthquake. the power's been out since before the quake hit. san francisco state's downtown campus is not affected by the power outage. it's not clear when the power will be restored. they say it's sacred land and these native americans in are opposed to turning this site into a park. coming up next, their protest will be breaking a law. christien kafton is live with more. >> reporter: there's been some developments within the last 25 points, as the people here have begun their prayer circle and drumstick. they drumstick -- and drum
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sickle. they say they are ready to go to jail. >> reporter: they insist the glen cove waterfront area is sacred land. one man says this is a burial ground for his an setters and he does not want to see it -- ancestors and he does not want to see it turned into a park. >> it makes me sad that someone can come out here and dig up your loved one's sites. >> he came tearing up in his pickup truck, stops right here and kind of comes at us, yelling us that he's sick and tired of our spectacle and he does not intend to make us stay here one more night. >> reporter: oakers have called on the department of justice to meditate the dispute -- oakers have called on the department of justice -- organizers have
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call on the department of just tift to meditate -- of justice to meditate. >> it's already been determined there's no native americans there or anything like that. >> reporter: it's let's give you a campground tour. they have a tent set up here tonight. the protesters here say they have been in communication with the department of justice. they will be asked to leave some time tonight and they say they are not going anywhere unless they are arrested. we're live in vallejo, christen kafton, ktvu channel 2 news. muni drivers in san francisco capped ballots on a potential strike. david stevenson is live in the city with what has the drivers so upset tonight, david? >> reporter: ken, the muni operators union is distributing
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this flier. it strinicts about the need to take a strike vote. two years and a contract. muni drivers voted on whether to authorize a strike. >> we don't believe whether they would be able to legally engage in a strike. >> reporter: the operators'sors union says this is necessary in case talks break down. >> the average muni opt rater makes over $100,000 inel is ray and benefits. muni operators were the only employee last year to receive a 5% raise. >> reporter: the san francisco transportation agency says a strike would be illegal and unlikely. >> what i want to do is have the management and the m.t.a. go get their class-b license, get on the bus and drive it for a day and come to me and say, you don't need a raise.
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>> reporter: the head of the operators union was unavailable. but a driver we spoke to said he would be willing to accept a wage freeze. >> i pick up thousands and thousands of people a day. we work hard out here. >> reporter: muni says a strike should be avoided at all costs. >> you all need to sit at the table and get it together. >> reporter: muni's 2200 operators will have until friday to vote on a strike authorization. the municipal transportation agency tells us in case of a breakdown? talks, arbitrators will likely step in instead of drivers stepping away from the job. david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. a deadly accident tied up traffic for hours in berkeley today. around 10:00 this morning, an oakland family was headed to reno when the vehicle rolled over several times near the guillen exit. the father died at the scene. his wife had a broken leg. the two children were hurt.
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they were taken to the hospital. the lanes opened shortly after noon. a tricky turn for a driver carrying milk led to a messicy. authorities say 4,000 -- messy. authorities say 4,000 gallons of milk spilled when the driver could not negotiate a turn. all lanes were back open around 9:00. today is the deadline to for pg&e to tell investigators -- to hear from from them today if they want to -- pg&e to finish their work. a lot of people say they are upset base while they are paying their taxes. some big companies in the bay area are not.
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robert handa is live in san jose where it's really down to the wire tonight, robert? >> reporter: well, gasia tax day is always hectic. we've seen a steady stream of people coming into the liberty offices on bascom in san jose. we've also seen protests in the bay area today aimed at people who don't pay. angry protesters marched and the demonstration was one of numerous tax day protests, aimed at a dozens corporations by groups who say the beaches and companies don't pay -- banks and companies don't pay taxes. >> my wife and i we had to go into our moon kniss kuehl saving cot and -- miniscule saving account and cough of you $1200. it -- cough up $1200.
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it makes me sick when a big company doesn't pay. >> reporter: this man says banks and corporations are taking big tax writeoffs, especially after the recent economic crisis which is legal and paints -- points out companies contribute to pay. >> they do have cash. that cash would have gone to the government if they had to pay the 35% tax. >> what do we want? >> tax justice! >> reporter: but protesters led by the political group moveon, when it comes to saving schools and offices being legal -- >> we bleed them -- we also we -- we contribute to the economy and we would like them to do the same. >> pay your fair share! >> reporter: protesters demonstrated at a chase bank in san francisco today. groups delivered official requests to the companies to
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pay taxes. president obama revealed what is on his tax return. the president and his wife reported an income of d 1,728,000. much of that came from the book sales. the obamas paid $453,770 in federal tax and they donated $245,000 to 36 different charities. the president has an invitation for you. coming up at 5:15 the invite for an event in the bay area. if you are a procrastinator and still haven't sent in your taxes, we have information for you. you can go to there is a list of post offices opened late tonight and we have a link to the irs page if you still need to download the tax returns. high tax prices may be sometiming the -- stymieing putting cash back in the economy.
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standard and poor today downgraded it's outlook for the u.s. debt situation. s & p analysts say they have little confidence that the president and congress can curve the debt crisis. s & p's announcement hit stocks hard today. [ closing bell british ] >> word that s & p could lower its rating by u.s. government debt in the now chur, seemed to catch investors by surprise. the dow dropped 140 points. the nasdaq shed points as well. the united states says the libyan government has promised to allow access to the city of
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misrata. rebels say the government has been shelling them constantly. the government die mys that. the u.n. says -- deep mys that -- denies. that. in iraq, nine people are dead after two car bombs exploded in bag baghdad -- exploded in baghdad. five iraqi soldiers were among the dead. almost two dozen other people were injured. including 13 soldiers and two policemen. no one has claimed responsibility for the attack. for the second day in a row, the peaceful protest for northern iraq turned violent. they set fires, blocked roads and officers responded by firing live bullets and tear gas into the crowd. about 100 police officers and protesters were hurt, including 23 demonstrators who were shot
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in the legs. scientists at livermore lawrence labs, say give the soldiers and marines bigger el mets -- helmets, saying that would prevent skull injuries by 24%. the army wants to check the research before issuing bigger helmets. >> reporter: there may not be enough classes for uc berkeley students now. and we're back into the clouds and a chance of rain this week. i will let you know which cities could see the showers.
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faculty members and students staged a protest outside of the administration because charles reed was inside.
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the demonstrators said they wanted to let him know they are not happy about his leadership. >> all of it is like he's picking fights with the faculty and picking fights for the students. one of the reasons chancellor reed was there today was to announce a new interim president for that campus. leroy morishita will be filling the job. there's some good news tonight for more than 70,000 top college-bound students. they've been accepted into the university of california system, but will there be enough teachers and courses for everyone. jim vargas is live in berkeley to tell us that is another question entirely. jim? >> reporter: ken, if there are another faculty and classes here this fall for students being here at uc berke it will
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be because of this -- read the headline of the "daily californian." the university is dipping into reserves, big time. systemwide, the university of california is facing a $5 million shortfall with state money and it shows. students we spoke with today at uc berkeley say somemethe classes they want and need are not being offered. many times they find classes are at the overflow point. >> i needed a chemicals. i didn't get it at first -- i needed a chem class. i didn't get it at first. i was wait-listed. >> this is the time of year parents visit the campus. >> reporter: respectish students we spoke to are not -- respective students we spoke to are not worried. >> it's a great school with a great education. >> it's a great school and i feel like there is a lot of diversity and different classes and a lot of interesting people here. >> on the other hand, some parents have concerns.
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>> we were talking about that, can you get classes and fin itch in four years -- finish in four years or does the school limit you? yeah, that's a concern. >> the reality is that uc does not have the capacity problem as much as it has a funding problem. >> reporter: pamela burnet adds -- adds next year could be worse if they don't take in any money. one way to bring in money is to bring in a lot of out of state and foreign students would pay much higher tuition. at 6:00 we'll give you the good and bad of that idea. back to you. president obama will be in the bay area wednesday and thursday. this morning via youtube he extended an open invitation to participate in a tilley son -- silicon valley event being held online. >> i wanted to invite you to a town hall meeting i'm holding
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at facebook's headquarters this wednesday, april together. it will be live streamed and i will answer questions of folks across the country. >> it starts at 1:45 p.m. with his appearance, he will join a who's who -- who is who, including bill gates, tony blair, katy perry. the president will appear at a dinner wednesday night where the plate is $35,000. of all places ticket scalping has come to yosemite park. the park site says people are selling tickets on craigslist
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often more than what yosemite charges. a $20 campsite, they are charging for $100 a night. we have an update on last week's fish rescue in the sacramento river of the chinook that were freed, wild life agents say 53 of them were endangered. dozens of sturgeons, bass and steelhead were rescued. the white house has declared a federal disaster in california. powerful waves generated by the earthquake in japan caused extensive damage to came's coast. state officials estimate more than $48 million in damage was done. mostly to harbors in crescent city and santa cruz. the declaration frees up funding for emergency repair work. had some sprinkles around
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the bay today. let's go to our chief meteorologist, bill mart -- martin. >> we did have sprinkles throughout the area today. come in close he, this is very light at be. i think by montera and millbrae and burlingame you are probably getting some light sprinkles, sprinkles down around redwood city, out towards the dumbarton bridge. newsance stuff, this is not shutting you down. it's not making a mess of the afternoon commute. just nuisance showers. tomorrow looks good. highs tomorrow easily in the upper 60ss, low 70s. extended forecast, we're back to the shower it looks like wednesday night into thursday. it doesn't look like a big deal but it's in the forecast. more clouds and cool cooler day-
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time -- and cooler day-time highs. these are the overnight low forecasts. partly cloudy skies. kind of chilly. it's been in the 50s. i don't think you will see any frost. roadways will be dry for the morning commute and daytime highs are gonna come up nicely. tuesday comes in nicely. then the next weather system comes in wednesday night into thursday. it looks like it will be an overnight event. don't anticipate canceling any outdoor plans. when i come back, though, i have the latest computer model that will take us early in the period. back to you. a path of destruction in the south. residents start to pick up the pieces after a series of twitters tear their communities apart. ougog t bk.
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atst fwa. wi cseuidesi yr arho, u stnaa cte, wi cseuidesi hise a de. yr arho, ke sp rwdte,
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the head of the faa and the transportation security are both infuriated that air traffic controllers have been caught sleeping on the job. >> i'm outraged about this. i want the flying public to know we're doing everything we can, 24/7 to correct this problem. >> since last month, at least five air traffic controllers have been caught sleeping. the latest was saturday morning at a facility that handles high altitude air traffic for much of florida and parts of the atlantic and caribbean. the transportation secretary vows to stop the napping. the faa is adding an hour to
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the minimum time controllers must be off during shifts. and lahood says he's to other options. we're getting a clearer view of the path of destruction spread across 15 states. at least 44 people are confirmed dead and many survivors from oklahoma to north carolina don't even have the basics, such as shelter or frontal system. making things worse, as you can see -- or safety. making things worse as you can see. officials say it will be days before power is completely restored. in raleigh, three deaths and dozens of serious injuries are being report at the stony brook mobile home park. >> some of the trailers are unstable. they may call off their footings. >> reporter: as crews continue to work, residents are returning to see what's left. >> we don't know when we're gonna leave. >> i cleaned up after hurricane katrina and ike and the
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devastation in this park here is on that same level. >> reporter: in virginia, the governor toured the damage in gloster county and declared a state ofage. whatever disasters -- state of emergency. whatever disasters occur people come together. >> reporter: people in oklahoma try to salvage what they can. this woman says most of her things are completely gone. residents say they feel lucky to be alive. one woman said three of her neighbors were killed by a tornado that spared her home. the landscaping will never, ever be the same. but the loss of lives is the one thing we can never replace. >> and tonights the national
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transportation safety -- national transportation safety -- some encouraging news out of the silicon valley. the silicon valley reports that the 150 companies on the list of the big public firms in the silicon valley had their most profitable year in history last year and their combined stock level hit a record in a decade. an officer named alper helped catch a carjacker today. officer alpert has digital eyes. i'm tom vacar, that story is still ahead. san jose is ranked as one of the safest cities. but it's experiencing a spike in the homicide rate. we'll tell you what police make of it.
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a carjacking suspect held police at bay today for hours before finally surrendering. the stand off began in the parking lot of the budget inn on foothill boulevard. the driver of the car ran into the hotel and bare ridded himself in a room with a female friend. >> one of our patrol units and the hayward police officer spoke with him on the telephone. he told us he just wanted to talk to his mother first. he called his mother and then came out almost three hours later. >> no one was hurt. and the suspect's friend was not arrested. police learned the suspect was driving a stolen car, thanks to a high-tech camera mounted in a patrol car. ktvu consumer editor tom vacar has a closer look at this
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called well alpert." >> reporter: ken have a look on the freeway. you know, trying to read one of these license plates would be tough enough, but alpert can read thousands and thousands and never even blinks. >> we have a license plate reader that can pick up vehicles that are possibly wanted. in this case, the reader alerted to a vehicle involved in a carjack -- or a vehicle -- that had been carjacked. >> reporter: this is officer alpert. alpert is a six-eyed stereo camera system with a voracious onpy tight for -- appetite for license plate nims. >> it can read thousands of license plates
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police worry about the budget cuts the city needs to make, particularly in this specialized areas like gang enforce machine. reporting live from, ktvu news. tonight, brian stow, the giants' fan who was beaten an almost -- and almost killed at a dodgers game remains in a medically induced co -- medically induced coma. we spoke to a hospital spokesperson and she said he will be kept in the coma and monitored for the next few days. doctors put him back in the coma over the weekend when he began to have surgeries.
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we asked a brain specialist in the bay area what that could mean. >> it could mean a good thing. the brain cells are still alive but they may not be functioning where they are supposed to. >> police are still searching for the suspects in the march 31st attack on stow. researchers are shedding light on the grim statistic of teen suicide. a columbia university finds suicide attempts are more prevalent in areas that are more conservative. a daily pill that helps prevent a.i.d.s. has hit a stumbling block. the drug is marketed as a method of h.i.v. prevention for gay men. researchers are now halting one study being done in africa. they say african women who took the drug were just as likely to get h.i.v. as women taking a placebo. despite the setback, the drug
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is still not being pulled from the market. it was no joyride. the trip down the strength of road that knocked a 6-year-old boy face to fate with police. a high court battle over high tech. the claim a small firm says.
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if microsoft wins, i think it will be highly destructive to the entire generation of innovators that. >> the lower court found that the microsoft infringed on a patent and the software giant was forced to stop selling the product and was fined. >> the healthy patten tent system requires that we both have the ability to protect patents that deserve protection and we have the ability to weed out those that do not. >> the supreme court today refused to hear an appeal from chipotle mexican grill, a man sued the chain because the counters were too high for a person in a wheel clair to see
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the menu. yahoo announced a new and expanded policy that may affect you. the internet giant may retain the service data for 18 months. previously, yahoo made records anonymous after 90 days. the information is used to personalize web content and advertising. a 14-year-old girl was airlifted to a hospital yesterday in the north bay after being bitten by a snake. it happened at annandale state park. a member of the rescue crusade the teenager was trying to take a picture of the smalling -- of the small black and brown snake when it bit her. no word on what type of snake it was. a boy took a joyride about ten years too soon. >> i thought it was a drunk
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driving. >> that driver turned out to be a 6-year-old boy. oregon state police say he said he was hungry. so he grabbed a roll of pennies and his parents' keys and jumped into the van. he hit a mailbox and ran into a car. >> he was standing up so he could shift. >> the little boy was not wearing his seat belt but no one was hurt. we get our first look inside the crippled fukushima reactor. the bad news these robots brought back from their trip inside. and keep those umbrellas handy. i think we have more showers this week. i will let you know which cities and states could be the wettest.
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for the first time since the earthquake in and tsunami hit last month, toyota today restarted production at all of its plants. the plants will be operating at 50% capacity for the next month or so. that's because toyota is still struggling to replenish its auto component inventory after some parts factories were damaged. toyota had shut down all output in japan except for three plants which have been running at partial capacity. >> we're getting a look inside the crippled japanese plant thanks to a couple of robots. they sent the pat-bots inside. they found that the radiation was too high for workers to be in. they said it will be six to
5:46 pm
nine months until they can restore the cooling systems and fully contain the rod. a woman filed a lawsuit against shy says that a man she met through the site -- she says that a man she met through the site sexually considered -- sexually assaulted her. in a call this afternoon a spokesman for the hotel workers union told us that the owners of the fairmont presented the plan to workers at a meeting and nearry everyone of the workers octobered to the plan. they were concerned about a loss of work both during construction and during the long-term. work is scheduled to begin this week to remove the side from moffett field's landmark hangar one.
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panels contain cbcs. crews have already removed contaminated material. the hangar belongs to nasa now. the agency plans to put up new panels as it decides how to use the structure. we have much more news coming up for you at 6:00. our julie haener is in the newsroom with a look at stories we're work ong. >> a california republican official is in the hot seat. the e-mail she stent about president obama and why the ncaa is so upset about it. did you feel it? an earthquake hit the bay area had afternoon. we will tell you what it did and who felt it. and a bay area grand jury could be putting the brakes on red light camera. what it found at one north bay intersection. wednesday marks one year since the deepwater horizon explosion setting off the worst oil drill spill in history. more than three dozen scientists gives the gulf of
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mexico the same health grade as it had before the spill. they have serious concerns about mysterious deaths of dolphins. two mountain lion sitings have been reported in two days in san mateo county. the san mateo county office of emergency services says the mountain lion was seen in the00 block of olive hill. our chief meteorologist, bill martin is in. it's kind of gloomy out there. >> yeah, it is, ken. some sometime but periods of -- some sunshine but periods of gloominess. showers are taing. they are very, very light. should not be impacting your commute or commutes of those that you love that are heading home right now. it looks as though things are starting to dry out tonight and then tomorrow looks like a
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pretty darned nice day. overnight lows in the 40s. daytime highs tomorrow gonna go into the 60s and low 70s. tomorrow is a warm day, mostly sunny and warmer. and then this on wednesday. a very weak system reminiscent of what we saw last week will slide in here. when you get into the spring like this, these things lose all of the mechanisms for bridging rain -- bringing rain. this particular one is no different than the last two. sprinkles in the forecast. so wednesday night into thursday morning. computer model bears this out. we get into tuesday morning. it's dry. tomorrow is our nice day. tuesday afternoon, variable clouds i will look for some rain showing you. and then -- wednesday morning and then wednesday afternoon. overnight wednesday, you see a few sprinkles, right? now we're into thursday morning. is this a big deal? no. but it's a nuisance and it's enough when you get going to
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work thursday morning you will have a little bit of wet on the road. you will have issues up on 80. don't imagine they will be chaining up but it will probably be flurries above 6,000 feet and we clear out on thursday and the rest of your holiday. spring break for many looks great. the forecast highs for tomorrow, warm. warmer than it has been the last few days. there's your forecast for the week and you -- weekend. as you can see, the holiday weekend for many and the temperature the are gonna be in the low -- temperatures are gonna be in the low 70s. nuisance showers, ken. it's not enough to measure -- >> well, rainy days and mondays always get me down. [ laughter ] >> thank you, bill. the volkswagen beetle is getting a new look again. there it is. one that's more bubble shaped
5:51 pm
than the previous ones. it's 6 inches locker and three inches wider. the a -- longer and three inches wider. coming up -- marking the moment, [ sirens ] >> the sole survivor of today's remembrance of the earthquake and what he's thankful of 105 years later.
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jews are preparing for the passover. in israel, they beep gan to prepare for the passover -- began to prepare for the passover dinner. tonight, san francisco's remembering the great earthquake and fire that struck 105 years ago on this date. just one survivor made it to today's celebration. this anniversary is about more than just memories. >> 3, 2, 1! [ sirens ] >> reporter: at exactly 5:12 this morning, sirens rang out just like they did 105 years ago. >> it feels like community. people who care, people who are interested in the survivors,
5:55 pm
interested in what happened. >> reporter: the crowd paused for a moment of silence at the fountain, the only monument left standing after the 1906 quake and the only survivor from that disaster, 105-year- old bill del monte. >> they are all gone. >> reporter: he was just a baby at time. >> i can't believe it, that i'm still here. >> reporter: at 20th and church streets this morning, folks celebrated the annual building of the fire hydrant. it's the same hydrant that firefighters used to save the mission district from going up in flames of 2006. since april of 2009 we've had seven earthquakes in the populated areas. >> reporter: the tsunami and earthquake in japan remine us of the risks of quakes. >> i think about it sometimes when i look at our victorian houses and ones that i have grown up in, you know, how would people handle it now. >> these people say looking back help them deals with what
5:56 pm
lies ahead. >> "the los angeles times" won a pulitzer prize for exposing the salaries paid to officials in bell. they raised property taxes in bell to pay for salaries. there is much more news just ahead. >> ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00 is next with the latest from pacifica, where that 3.4 magnitude quake struck this afternoon. we'll have the very latest on where power outages along the peninsula stand and more details on what happened with the quake. mayor business -- the mayor from brisbane called me and toll me it felt like a bomb -- bomb going off. >> reporter: this is a busy area but some say too busy for red light cameras. that story and more on the news at 6:00.
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take a look at this. people who work in this store say the power went out the moment the earthquake hit. its fallout from a .7 quake that rocked the -- 3.7 quake that rocked the bay area this afternoon. i'm ken wayne. >> i'm julie haener. did you feel it? the earthquake rattled pacifica. it hit two miles east of pacifica. we received calls from our newsroom from up and down the peninsula and even people in the east bay. bill martin is tracking who felt it. but let's begin with amber lee near the epicenter. >> reporter: we're at pedro point shopping center. behind me a cafe and other businesses in the area lost power. the businesses let the customers know they close up


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